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Portfolio Monitoring

The value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Portfolio Monitoring in the North East

Our Portfolio Monitoring service is available to all clients that live in the North East of England and ensures that your money is being looked after by the top performing fund managers. The portfolio Monitoring service includes regular 6 monthly checks will ensure that your funds are being managed by only the most successful Investment Companies – and that your risk profile is the one that most suits you.

Our unique Portfolio Monitoring Service is available to new clients or anyone presently holding investments and includes the following services:-

Your own personal webpage detailing all of your investments which is upgraded as and when fund switches or changes are made to your investments. This will allow you to view on a daily basis, not only the value of your investments but the performance of each individual fund.

6 monthly reviews of your portfolio with fund switch recommendations if necessary.

On going monitoring of your investments and reporting to you if any urgent action should be taken.

Eg an appropriate fund switch or a transfer to cash funds in volatile market conditions.

Our portfolio monitoring service is available for investors holding the following types of plan.

Bonds, ISAS, Unit Trusts, Pension Funds, Offshore Funds

What do we do?

Firstly, we will check to see that your investments still match your attitude to risk by assessing your risk profile.

There are five main areas being:-

No risk to capital, Low risk, Medium risk, High risk, Very High risk

You really should take time to make sure you choose the one that most suits you and your investment objectives. You can if you wish choose more than one area, e.g. 50% Low risk, 50% High risk.

Then we will carefully select the types of investment that most match your risk profile and recommend fund managers and funds which we believe are the most suitable for you.

Details of your holdings are then placed on your webpage for you to view and are also monitored by your investment adviser.

Your investments are then reviewed every 6 months when some fund switching may be recommended.

Ongoing portfolio monitoring will ensure that your investments are performing up to expectations thus maximising the growth potential of your funds.